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YOUR SOURCE FOR ACRYLIC OVERFLOW BOXES, MACRO ALGAE, & SILICONE SEALANTS!!! offers aquarium overflow boxes, accessories, a wide variety of Macro Algae, and silicone sealants.






Aquarium carries a wide variety of 100% cast acrylic Overflow Boxes for both saltwater and freshwater aquariums.  You will find standard sizes as well as custom services for specialized systems.


Benefits to using our overflow boxes:

- Increased space in your Display Tank -

Added water volume

- Easier Maintenance -

You will never find yourself shoulder deep fishing for lost items in the bottom of this overflow.  Locating lost fish is also a breeze!

- Drill in the back of your aquarium -

Most aquariums have tempered bottoms.

- If anything were to go wrong -

You would only have to drain the water volume 6".






Aquarium carries a large selection of Macro Algae for beginners and advanced aquarists.  All of our Macro Algae grow-out tanks are fish less systems. We guarantee our algae to be free of fish hosting parasites and diseases such as ich, ick, Cryptocaryon irritans, and velvet. This allows you to acclimate the algae directly into your aquarium without the need to quarantine.


Common Macro Algae Species We Offer:

- Red Tree Gracilaria -

gracilaria sp.

- Chaetomorpha (Chaeto) -

chaetomorpha sp.

- Sea Lettuce -

ulva sp.

- Grape Caulerpa -

caulerpa sp.

- Rhipocephalus Phoenix -

- Flamed Tip Dragons Breath -


- Shaving Brush -

penicillus sp.

- ORA Blue Hypnea -

hypnea pannosa







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